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Galería de Barrio





FU es una galería de arte abierta, incluyente y accesible. FU busca ser una opción diferente al mercado del arte en Miami enfocándose en el barrio, nuestro lugar de origen, al compartir arte contemporáneo de gran calidad sin actitud y sin pretensiones. 

FU busca tener un acercamiento y comunicación entre los mejores artistas locales, de estados unidos, latinoamérica y el resto del mundo, junto con la gente de little Haiti, siendo esta una zona de gran potencial de desarrollo, exposición y crecimiento, tal como toda la ciudad Miami lo es en este momento. 

En corto, FU es una apuesta al arte y futuro de Miami y también un proyecto que busca devolver al barrio.

FU Gallery’s focus is to bring a different, more inclusive art experience to the hood. Also named
“Galeria de Barrio” (Gallery from the Hood) precisely because they aim to bring to Miami and to the Little Haiti community the best local and Latin-American artists. They call Little Haiti their home
and are invested in giving back cultural experiences to the hood.

Many have insinuated that Little Haiti is the up-and-coming art district in Miami, similar to what Wynwood has become today. However, those that work and live there are focusing on enriching and strengthening the community and promoting the arts while honoring it’s unique local feel, something that FU Gallery is embracing.

Valeria Fiñana & Miguel Ullivarri
FU - Art Gallery


Valeria Fiñana

Born in Argentina, she studied filmmaker at the University of Fine Arts, where also study art history. (Exploring cinema and art in many forms). Doing music videos, commercials and short film. In 2001 she moved to Spain where continues her work of exploration linked to art. In 2003 she moved to Miami and started working as an art director and production designer for advertising, editorial and television. In 2005 at the same time she was working as art director, sets up a project with several partners that was called "Movie Night" event took place in an art gallery and consisted of the projection of a film and the whole concept of the event was related to the nationality and origin of the film (food, drink and ambience). "... It was an experience for 4 hours and feel anywhere else in the world ...." In 2007 she gets involved in a project that "the collage" was called a collective project with various artists, where music, poetry, fashion united in a monthly exhibition. In 2009 and to this day working as Telemundo Studios Art Director / Production Designer. Designing their stories the complete image.

Miguel Ullivarri

Miguel Ullivarri is an award winning creative director based in Miami with more than 15 years of experience in the advertising and broadcasting industries. He has worked in several agencies and networks creating outstanding work for a wide variety of consumer products and services in Mexico City, Atlanta, New York and Miami. Miguel also has a big passion and drive for art, being involved around it and starting a small collection a few years ago. His new project FU, an art gallery based in Miami, is an extension of this passion.